Friday, September 19, 2008

Change'll do you good.

Often times, we all go through periods of boredom and getting caught in the same ol’ routine. During the work week and especially with an 8-5 job, we follow the same routine from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we get home from work, almost down to the minute.

A work out routine is a good example of how routines aren’t necessarily healthy. When the same exercises are being repeated over and over again, what happens? Nothing. The body gets used to what it’s doing and it stops reacting to the 8 miles of running/walking/jogging, the weight bench pressed, etc. The routine needs to be changed up every now and then in order to see results (also so it doesn’t get boring). The same is true for our daily life. It can get boring driving to work for 30-45 minutes, working for 9 hours straight, working out for 2 hours, then going home and killing time for about 2 hours before falling asleep.

Sometimes I feel like a subject in an experiment like Pavlov’s Dog. Between 11:15 and 11:20 everyday, a co-worker grabs her keys because it’s her usual lunch time. The sound of her keys makes my brain shoot a message straight to my stomach. I’m all of a sudden extremely hungry, though I haven’t been all morning. Unfortunately I have about another hour until I go to lunch because I like to split my day right in half.

It’s just a good idea to change it up every now and then. I refuse to become predictable. I want to be complicated, mysterious, and spontaneous. We need to give ourselves new challenges and embrace the obstacles that come our way. I’ve taken on new responsibilities at work that are just draining me mentally, but I’ve been really excited to come to work the past few weeks. It’s amazing how once you start getting more and more “bored” with the events of your life, something comes along to spark the excitement and intrigue again. I love being booked up with plans, hanging out with friends, going on dates (even bad ones), having 20 different people regularly text message me. Sometimes it takes just a little initiative to get the ball rolling again.