Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Time.

Screams echo throughout the backstage area. The girls and I are downing another glass of wine to calm our nerves, gum and mints are being passed through the line JUST in case one of us is lucky enough to steal a kiss from one of the guys. I'm standing behind 2 rather odd young ladies and in front of about 5 very obnoxious girls. "Who's your favorite? Who's your favorite?" they're asking everyone in our group. "No one get next to Jordan in the picture because he's MINE!" Just don't push me, bitch. I thought to myself.

We walk through the black curtains. THERE THEY ARE. I hug Danny, move on. There's Donnie. He's giving me and this other girl this weird look like he's a drunken pedophile. He puts his arms around both of us and kisses us on our cheeks. I think to myself, I wonder how many lips/cheeks those lips have touched the past few months. *cringe* Eh, I'm done with Donnie. Moving on. There he is! "Heeeeyyy!" Joey says. It's like for this moment, Joey is happy to see me and only me! I tell him about when I met him at the Dancing with the Stars tour and how I totally guessed his wife was pregnant. We're having a nice little conversation and he says, "I think Jordan is waiting for you." I turn and Jordan says, "You better not leave me hangin'." Don't worry, I did not say, "As long as I leave you hangin' tough" like I wanted to. It's time for the picture. I put my arm around Jordan and say, "Your jacket is soft." Realizing how ridiculous I just sounded, I responded to my stupid comment by saying, "I like to make stupid comments when I don't know what else to say." He laughs a little. We're finished taking pictures, I talk to Jonathan for a bit. He's so sweet and nice. I hope the gay rumors aren't true..

Walking out of the meet and greet area, I feel like I am walking on a cloud. I can't explain it. It felt so comfortable and personal. I'm not even star-struck. I'm just in amazement. I see Marissa and the rest of the girls sitting at a table. We drink some more beer and wine. We're told the first opening act is about to go on. We go back for two more glasses of wine to take back to our seats. Marissa says we need an escort. She finds Eric, one of the arena workers, and he was happy to escort us. He takes us down a private elevator. We feel so VIP. As the elevator doors open, I'm expecting to be in the concourse area. No, it's definitely the tunnel area where the Spurs locker rooms are. He's leading us through this maze in the backstage area. Turning a corner, we almost run into who?! ZACH! The New Kids' "assistant" guy. "What are y'all doing back here?!" he asks with a surprised look on his face. Eric replies, "I'm taking them to their seats." Zach says, "Make sure you go straight there." As we continue walking, I see a sign with a little arrow, "DRESSING ROOMS--->" We are thinking of ditching Eric and following that sign. We figure we better watch the concert and not get kicked out. Eric drops me off at my 2nd row seat and I'm anxiously awaiting the return of the boys.

Natasha Bedingfield finishes her last set. It's almost time. I can finally turn and introduce myself to the girl next to me. We talk a bit, get really excited, exchange e-mails (because that's what we do at boy band concerts, people), and the lights go off. The most amazing concert I have ever been to in my life is going on right in front of me. I'm front and center. I'm exactly where I've wanted to be for the past 10 months! Best $400 ever spent! Ever! (The girl sitting next to me and I still e-mail.)

Fast forward two days: Concert #2 at AAC in Dallas. Still amazing concert. Floor seats in the second section. I'm just going to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. It's kind of nice to see the concert from a different perspective. The women (and men) around me are slightly annoying. Especially the gay guys in full suits standing next to me who knock me over when the guys ran down the aisle by our row. I shove them back and say, "DO YOU MIND?!" That's right.. I WAS VIP 2 days ago.. I'm important! Well, I WAS important. Anyway, all in all, 2 amazing shows. They will be back and I will be back. Be prepared. My fantasy has been fulfilled.. well, some if it anyway. :)