Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Part 2: Anticipation

June. It's time to buy tickets for the concert(s) in October. Do I go to one or more of the Texas concerts? Do I buy 5-Star VIP, 4-Star VIP, regular ol' floor seats? Okay, I'm gonna do it. 5-Star VIP. Package includes: meet and greet and photo op, guaranteed seats in first 10 rows, oh yea, and free (and unlimited) beer and wine and snacks at the pre-show party. It's the day to buy tickets for the Dallas show. It's 4:00pm. They went on sale at 10:00am! I'm an idiot. Sold out of 5-Star seats for Dallas. San Antonio 5-Star tickets go on sale next weekend? Guess I'm going to San Antonio. End result: Floor seat in front of second section for Dallas and 5-Star VIP for San Antonio= about $500.

July, August, September. These months went by sooooo slooooowwww.

October 16.. FINALLY! Time to leave for San Antone. I've had 4 months to pick out my perfect outfit. Apparently those 4 months went by faster than I thought because I still have nothing to wear. I pick my new little purple tank top with satin straps, my new perfect fitting jeans, and my favorite excessively painful black and gold heels. I'm ready for one of these guys to pick ME out of the millions of fans they're meeting and confess their love for me. Because that's why we dress up in cute little outfits, right? :) Anyway, as I'm waiting at the tail end of the VIP line that's about the length of the entire arena, the girls behind me decide to strike up a conversation. One thing about a "boy band" concert, you can ALWAYS make new friends. After talking to Marissa for about 5 minutes, I figure I better stick with her up until the concert starts. She's definitely keeping me calm and making my impatient waiting around more enjoyable.

Finally we are able to go inside and get our passes and tickets. Up until this point, I have no tangible tickets or anything showing me where I'm actually sitting. I'm handed the envelope. I tear it open, my heart pounding, trying to find what row I'm in. ROW 2!!! WOW! I was guaranteed 1-10 and I scored 2!!! I immediately text message my friends to make sure they know how excited I am. Now, it's up to the backstage area for the pre-show party. I've had about 3 glasses of wine at this point. Marissa, two other girls and I were just standing there talking when Robo (New Kids security guard) came over to us and told us to get back. "What did we do?" we ask. Yea, there come New Kids walking right in front of us. We're the only ones standing in their path. I feel the wind as they walk by, as well as the woft trail of their cologne. "Hiiiii Joey!!!" I say in a panicky voice. He looks right at me and waved. The girls and I look at each other in amazement. It's time.

To be continued... but here's a preview of the next blog entry.

Yep, there's me and the guys and the group of 9 other girls that ruined my picture. Ha.

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