Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Time.

Screams echo throughout the backstage area. The girls and I are downing another glass of wine to calm our nerves, gum and mints are being passed through the line JUST in case one of us is lucky enough to steal a kiss from one of the guys. I'm standing behind 2 rather odd young ladies and in front of about 5 very obnoxious girls. "Who's your favorite? Who's your favorite?" they're asking everyone in our group. "No one get next to Jordan in the picture because he's MINE!" Just don't push me, bitch. I thought to myself.

We walk through the black curtains. THERE THEY ARE. I hug Danny, move on. There's Donnie. He's giving me and this other girl this weird look like he's a drunken pedophile. He puts his arms around both of us and kisses us on our cheeks. I think to myself, I wonder how many lips/cheeks those lips have touched the past few months. *cringe* Eh, I'm done with Donnie. Moving on. There he is! "Heeeeyyy!" Joey says. It's like for this moment, Joey is happy to see me and only me! I tell him about when I met him at the Dancing with the Stars tour and how I totally guessed his wife was pregnant. We're having a nice little conversation and he says, "I think Jordan is waiting for you." I turn and Jordan says, "You better not leave me hangin'." Don't worry, I did not say, "As long as I leave you hangin' tough" like I wanted to. It's time for the picture. I put my arm around Jordan and say, "Your jacket is soft." Realizing how ridiculous I just sounded, I responded to my stupid comment by saying, "I like to make stupid comments when I don't know what else to say." He laughs a little. We're finished taking pictures, I talk to Jonathan for a bit. He's so sweet and nice. I hope the gay rumors aren't true..

Walking out of the meet and greet area, I feel like I am walking on a cloud. I can't explain it. It felt so comfortable and personal. I'm not even star-struck. I'm just in amazement. I see Marissa and the rest of the girls sitting at a table. We drink some more beer and wine. We're told the first opening act is about to go on. We go back for two more glasses of wine to take back to our seats. Marissa says we need an escort. She finds Eric, one of the arena workers, and he was happy to escort us. He takes us down a private elevator. We feel so VIP. As the elevator doors open, I'm expecting to be in the concourse area. No, it's definitely the tunnel area where the Spurs locker rooms are. He's leading us through this maze in the backstage area. Turning a corner, we almost run into who?! ZACH! The New Kids' "assistant" guy. "What are y'all doing back here?!" he asks with a surprised look on his face. Eric replies, "I'm taking them to their seats." Zach says, "Make sure you go straight there." As we continue walking, I see a sign with a little arrow, "DRESSING ROOMS--->" We are thinking of ditching Eric and following that sign. We figure we better watch the concert and not get kicked out. Eric drops me off at my 2nd row seat and I'm anxiously awaiting the return of the boys.

Natasha Bedingfield finishes her last set. It's almost time. I can finally turn and introduce myself to the girl next to me. We talk a bit, get really excited, exchange e-mails (because that's what we do at boy band concerts, people), and the lights go off. The most amazing concert I have ever been to in my life is going on right in front of me. I'm front and center. I'm exactly where I've wanted to be for the past 10 months! Best $400 ever spent! Ever! (The girl sitting next to me and I still e-mail.)

Fast forward two days: Concert #2 at AAC in Dallas. Still amazing concert. Floor seats in the second section. I'm just going to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. It's kind of nice to see the concert from a different perspective. The women (and men) around me are slightly annoying. Especially the gay guys in full suits standing next to me who knock me over when the guys ran down the aisle by our row. I shove them back and say, "DO YOU MIND?!" That's right.. I WAS VIP 2 days ago.. I'm important! Well, I WAS important. Anyway, all in all, 2 amazing shows. They will be back and I will be back. Be prepared. My fantasy has been fulfilled.. well, some if it anyway. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Part 2: Anticipation

June. It's time to buy tickets for the concert(s) in October. Do I go to one or more of the Texas concerts? Do I buy 5-Star VIP, 4-Star VIP, regular ol' floor seats? Okay, I'm gonna do it. 5-Star VIP. Package includes: meet and greet and photo op, guaranteed seats in first 10 rows, oh yea, and free (and unlimited) beer and wine and snacks at the pre-show party. It's the day to buy tickets for the Dallas show. It's 4:00pm. They went on sale at 10:00am! I'm an idiot. Sold out of 5-Star seats for Dallas. San Antonio 5-Star tickets go on sale next weekend? Guess I'm going to San Antonio. End result: Floor seat in front of second section for Dallas and 5-Star VIP for San Antonio= about $500.

July, August, September. These months went by sooooo slooooowwww.

October 16.. FINALLY! Time to leave for San Antone. I've had 4 months to pick out my perfect outfit. Apparently those 4 months went by faster than I thought because I still have nothing to wear. I pick my new little purple tank top with satin straps, my new perfect fitting jeans, and my favorite excessively painful black and gold heels. I'm ready for one of these guys to pick ME out of the millions of fans they're meeting and confess their love for me. Because that's why we dress up in cute little outfits, right? :) Anyway, as I'm waiting at the tail end of the VIP line that's about the length of the entire arena, the girls behind me decide to strike up a conversation. One thing about a "boy band" concert, you can ALWAYS make new friends. After talking to Marissa for about 5 minutes, I figure I better stick with her up until the concert starts. She's definitely keeping me calm and making my impatient waiting around more enjoyable.

Finally we are able to go inside and get our passes and tickets. Up until this point, I have no tangible tickets or anything showing me where I'm actually sitting. I'm handed the envelope. I tear it open, my heart pounding, trying to find what row I'm in. ROW 2!!! WOW! I was guaranteed 1-10 and I scored 2!!! I immediately text message my friends to make sure they know how excited I am. Now, it's up to the backstage area for the pre-show party. I've had about 3 glasses of wine at this point. Marissa, two other girls and I were just standing there talking when Robo (New Kids security guard) came over to us and told us to get back. "What did we do?" we ask. Yea, there come New Kids walking right in front of us. We're the only ones standing in their path. I feel the wind as they walk by, as well as the woft trail of their cologne. "Hiiiii Joey!!!" I say in a panicky voice. He looks right at me and waved. The girls and I look at each other in amazement. It's time.

To be continued... but here's a preview of the next blog entry.

Yep, there's me and the guys and the group of 9 other girls that ruined my picture. Ha.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

You knew it was coming.

9 months. A lot has happened. Almost EXACTLY 9 months ago, something was announced. Something that would make me the most excited and happiest woman in the world. A "REbirth", if you will.... There is too much love, happiness, joy, and interesting experiences to share in only ONE blog entry. Throughout the next few days, you are going to absorb every ounce of my love and every moment I have experienced in the past few years, months, days, HOURS of who else, but the one and only....

Instead of giving a full explanation of my infatuation and fascination with these amazing guys, I thought I would begin by cutting and pasting a little story I wrote that was 2 people away from getting picked to win a radio contest. Yes, I wrote a story about why I love New Kids. I was chosen as a second alternate had 2 of the 5 people picked not shown up. This is what I wrote:

"How do I begin to explain my love for my adored New Kids on the Block. It started as a 5 year old in Kindergarten. My babysitter had a picture and cassette of the New Kids and would always let me listen to it. My parents never bought me my own cassettes, nor would they allow me to attend any concerts. I finally asked for a Joey McIntyre doll for my birthday one year and still have him in my bedroom to this day. However, I never got the excitement of the full experience. After they broke up in 1994 is when my love for them progressed, as I felt like I missed out on a group I cherished so dearly. I contacted my babysitter and begged her to give me the old cassette tape she used to let me listen to. She had, unfortunately given it away. 1999 was a glorious year because my beloved Joey McIntyre released a SOLO ALBUM! I was NOT going to miss out this time! I bought the music video on tape, the "Stay the Same" single, and the entire CD. Joey definitely came a long way from his poofy curly hair and cut-out top hat (which I was super stoked he used on the Today Show!) This sparked a renewed dedication to the group. Since no one I knew kept any memorabilia, I gave in to the power of eBay. I bought 2 lunch boxes (WITH Thermos), a 500-piece giant poster puzzle, a board game, 2 posters, a few T-shirts, etc. When I wore the T-shirt, everyone thought it was hilarious. I always responded by saying, "Why are you laughing? This is my favorite shirt.." It's serious when it comes to these guys. 2003, it was time to attend college. What was the first thing I hung up in my dorm room? Yes, my Joey poster! Was it wrong of me (a 19 year old) to still be in love with a picture of a 14 year old? Of course not! 2004, Joey released "8:09", an album I fell in love with. Soon after the purchase of this CD, we took a family trip to Boston. I made sure to research Joey's favorite places. My parents graciously let me explore his hometown of Jamaica Plain. I won't disclose what all I saw there or how I knew where his house was because I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about me. I think I listened to both Joey's CD and the New Kids Greatest Hits CDs the entire time I was in Boston. Fast forwarding a few, still dedicated New Kids years, I finally get a chance to see Joey LIVE at the Dancing with the Stars tour in Dallas. After the show, he SIGNED AUTOGRAPHS! I ran to the other side of the AAC and was number 50ish in line. My heart was pounding the entire time (as it is typing this essay). I was in line with a lot of "old school" New Kids fans who were all about 10 years older than me. How is it that I knew more about Joey and New Kids than them?! I think I was the only one in the line who recognized his WIFE! The moment I met Joey, I could not think of anything to say. I got my picture and my hug from him and that's all I have longed for for 17 years!! Fast forward another 8 months: a rumor of a reunion?! I didn't believe it for a second. Yes, it would be the greatest thing in the world, but would the guys really forgo their personal and professional successes to dedicate themselves to ANOTHER tour?! Uh.. yes! So many people I knew started digging out all their old memorabilia, subscribing to New Kids e-mail alerts. Interesting how all of my memorabilia has been displayed for YEARS and I have always been subscribed to e-mail alerts and message boards. Die hard.. that's all I have to say.

Well I guess I did find the words to BEGIN to explain my love for New Kids. That's just how it began and progressed. I think my friends and family can embellish in great detail about the OBSESSION, as they will say. The only thing I am scared of this go-round is not being able to capture the full New Kids experience. I missed out on so much just because I was too young and vulnerable. I have so much to make up for and you better believe I plan on doing that during THIS reunion tour! My dream is for them to stay around forever, but if this is their last "hoorah", I want nothing more than to be a part of it.. FRONT AND CENTER!!!"

There it is. And I definitely WAS front and center on Friday, October 17, 2008. Well, more front and slightly to the right, but close enough. TO BE CONTINUED....

Here's a preview. :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Change'll do you good.

Often times, we all go through periods of boredom and getting caught in the same ol’ routine. During the work week and especially with an 8-5 job, we follow the same routine from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we get home from work, almost down to the minute.

A work out routine is a good example of how routines aren’t necessarily healthy. When the same exercises are being repeated over and over again, what happens? Nothing. The body gets used to what it’s doing and it stops reacting to the 8 miles of running/walking/jogging, the weight bench pressed, etc. The routine needs to be changed up every now and then in order to see results (also so it doesn’t get boring). The same is true for our daily life. It can get boring driving to work for 30-45 minutes, working for 9 hours straight, working out for 2 hours, then going home and killing time for about 2 hours before falling asleep.

Sometimes I feel like a subject in an experiment like Pavlov’s Dog. Between 11:15 and 11:20 everyday, a co-worker grabs her keys because it’s her usual lunch time. The sound of her keys makes my brain shoot a message straight to my stomach. I’m all of a sudden extremely hungry, though I haven’t been all morning. Unfortunately I have about another hour until I go to lunch because I like to split my day right in half.

It’s just a good idea to change it up every now and then. I refuse to become predictable. I want to be complicated, mysterious, and spontaneous. We need to give ourselves new challenges and embrace the obstacles that come our way. I’ve taken on new responsibilities at work that are just draining me mentally, but I’ve been really excited to come to work the past few weeks. It’s amazing how once you start getting more and more “bored” with the events of your life, something comes along to spark the excitement and intrigue again. I love being booked up with plans, hanging out with friends, going on dates (even bad ones), having 20 different people regularly text message me. Sometimes it takes just a little initiative to get the ball rolling again.

Monday, July 28, 2008

You, too, for an immediate $3500 down payment can have this fabulous time share!

A few weeks ago I got a letter in the mail. “You are a winner!” Yay! Well, I know these ploys to get me to buy something or just get me to sign up for all this other crap so 10 other companies can declare me a winner as well. Something about this letter kind of intrigued me, though. I called the number to see what it was all about. I asked how I was entered into this so-called “contest” and they said someone had to have referred me. Oooookay…… seriously, who of my friends still knows my address? Liars! Here are the prizes:

  • 1 of 3 luxury SUVs (BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, or Mercedes M-Class) OR $40,000. (People who would choose the car are stupid because you have to come up with the money to pay taxes on that thing.)
  • $1500 gift card to Saks (This is one I was hoping for), Macy’s, Sears, Wal-Mart
  • 4 night island getaway
  • $500 CASH (At the least, I wouldn’t have minded the cash.)

Here’s the catch: come out to TYLER (It was actually Flint, TX and they didn’t tell me that) and listen to a sales presentation at a resort and you aren’t required to buy anything, don’t even bring your checkbook if you don’t want to. I ask why they’re giving away all these prizes just for me going to listen to a presentation. They say because they have money to spend on advertising, but they would rather spend it on gifts for people who can go home and tell of their experience. After all, word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective medium. And I understand and somewhat respect their explanation. I decide I kind of want to do this. Not JUST for the prize, definitely not for the sales presentation, not for the drive, but more for the experience and general curiosity.

I’m heading East on I-20, definitely not my favorite stretch of road. I exit past Canton, 8 miles to the right, 10 miles to another right, and 11 miles to the left. I turn in to this nice resort in a "woodsy area". Looks very quaint, kind of crowded. I am greeted by a security guard. (When I say greeted, I mean waving me down as I almost pass him.) “Ma’am! MA’AM! Where you headed?” “Umm.. to a sales presentation…umm” (They never told me exactly where to go.) So I pull up to a very full parking lot at the Tour Registration center. There’s an entire building for TOUR registration? Weird. I walk in and the first thing I hear is a screaming child. I look around and there are about 20 people waiting. I get a form and fill out my information, including my salary range. The receptionist asks to see my credit card. I guess they just want to make sure I have one? She doesn’t get a number or anything. I sit down and wait. I am by far the youngest adult in this room.. wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and flip flops. I really look the part to buy a timeshare in Flint, TX, right? My name is called within 5 minutes. All the 20 people waiting are now replaced with 20 other people who came in after me. Wow, they must have a lot of sales reps in this place.

I am greeted by ______. I forget his name 2 seconds after he tells me. He’s a young, scrawny little fella with a country twang, which I don't normally have a problem with, but there’s a big difference between an East Texas and West Texas twang. I follow him outside to another building. We enter this big lodge area that almost looks like a cafeteria, except all the chairs are filled with visitors and sales reps and the tables hold binders and paperwork instead of food. My sales rep (name currently unknown) initiates the fake “I wanna get to know you” conversation. I find out we’re both 2002 graduates. SURELY now that he knows my age and sees my wardrobe, I wouldn’t be interested, right? He asks me questions about my past and future vacations and approximate costs. Based on the ballpark numbers I gave him, he figured it to be about $108,000 for 20 years. So I’m spending about $5500 a year on RENTING my vacation. “What sounds better, renting or OWNING your vacation?” “Well.. for me, renting,” I reply. He looks at me like, wait, you’re not supposed to say that. It didn’t tell me how to respond in the script. So I realized this was a sales pitch and you’re supposed to give the obvious answer. “I mean, owning is the obvious answer!” I say. And he goes on. Every other question he continues to ask me, I keep responding with the opposite answer than what he wants. Basically he's telling me that if I get 2 weeks of vacation a year, I would just have to pay for use of the facility for 2 weeks a year and it's cheaper than flying and hotels and entertainment, yadi yada. I like to explore more of the country during my 2 weeks of vacation than just Flint, TX.... that's the point of my supposed $5500 a year dude! What are my favorite vacation spots, you ask? LA, New York, Mexico, Europe. We're so not on the same page. Anyway, a little more of this and that and it’s time for a tour!

The place is very nice. VERY nice condos and accommodations, 2 pools, mini golf, an arcade, movie theater, and an indoor/outdoor water park with a retractable roof! Of course, the water park is extra even to members. How much extra? $20 for adults and $14.95 for kids! Seriously, this place is the size of about 2 large gyms. I can go to Hurricane Harbor for $60, but it’s also about 100 times the size. He asks me what I think so far. “It’s definitely a lot more than I expected. VERY nice accommodations and fun activities.” Well, now he thinks he’s got me. Oops. He takes me back to the first lodge area for a final price overview.

He sits me down with my back to the front of the room, as I notice the same from the other 50-75 guests in the room. We pause our conversation to hear, “This is the Smith family and their first stay will be in ATLANTA!!!! WOOOOO!" *applause* Apparently they have about 6 or 7 locations in the Midwest and if you sign up that day for a timeshare, you are able to stay at any of those locations. So, it’s time to pitch the sale to me. “You get this and this and this and all these benefits and yadi yada for a down payment of $3500 and a monthly payment of $400 something. You ready to pay this $3500 today?” I reply after it registers that he actually asks me that question, “Huh? What? Today? Oh no, definitely not today!” This kid’s face just sinks like seriously? I thought I had you! I just BS him and say that a decision like this has to be made as a family decision. He raises his hand like a kid in class that’s afraid to ask the teacher to go potty. He slightly slumps in his chair and doesn’t look at me. I’m trying to make things less awkward by asking stupid questions still trying to look like I’m interested. This HUGE stocky bald guy comes over and shakes my hand and I can barely get my fingers to grip around his Hulkish hand. He sits down and immediately I think of the Friends episode where Chandler wanted to quit the gym and they bring out the hot, sexy woman to convince him to stay. This guy HAS to be here for pure intimidation. He asks no name boy, “What do we got here?” No name boy replies, “Well, she loved everything, was very impressed, but we’re stuck here.” *points to the $3500 down payment* No name Hulk man tries to get me to commit again. I explain AGAIN why I don’t want to commit. He tells no name boy to get up and pick up another tour. No name boy says to me, “I’m sorry I missed you today.. nice to meet you.” No name Hulk man sits there and looks at me awkwardly and says, “Sooo….” I reply, “Sooooo…. what?” I say again that I will NOT sign anything today and I will discuss it with my family. (Yea right.) He gets up and doesn’t look at me and says, “Thank you have a nice day” and walks away. I wanted to say, “No need to be an ASSHOLE!” I sat there for a second like, Is that it? Where’s my damn prize? Little corporate guy comes over to me. This guy totally respects the fact that I didn’t want to purchase today. He asks who my sales rep was. I said I could not remember his name. He was shocked to see my rep didn’t even write his name on my sheet. “It’s my job to make sure they do everything correctly,” he says. “I can’t believe he didn’t give you any of his information.” Anyway, he sends me off to the “Awards Center”.

Yes, ANOTHER separate building specifically for receiving your prize… These little tours seem to be too common an occurrence. That’s 3 large buildings dedicated to “bribing” you to place membership. So I’m waiting for another 30ish minutes to receive my prize. Now I'm at the point that I better get the $40,000 prize! The guaranteed bonus gift was a 4 night cruise or 2 night stay in Vegas. I pick the cruise. Then it’s time for my GRAND PRIZE! I am handed my……….. scratch off card. Yes ladies and gentlemen, EVERYONE is a winner.. if you scratch off the only 5 pots of gold within the 25 boxes! What great odds! Especially since ALL 200 cards are totally different. So the verdict: the 4 night island getaway that doesn’t include airfare, plus my 4 night cruise I have to pay $179 in taxes. But I also grabbed a 2008 coupon book from the lobby so I think I made out well.

SO, just a little lesson to everyone out there: Don’t always fall for these gimmicks. Mine was more curiosity than anything, plus I didn’t have anything else to do yesterday. And I stopped off the highway and got a long awaited Carls, Jr. burger. Then my dad’s truck overheated and I was stuck there for 2 hours, but that’s another blog. :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Because I know you want to know more about me...

..and because I still don't feel like taking the time to express my thoughts or share my observations.. :)

5 things I can't live without
  1. God
  2. Family/friends
  3. Passion
  4. Baseball
  5. Computer?

5 things in my purse

  1. Phone
  2. Aspirin (MUCH needed)
  3. Burt's Bees
  4. iPod
  5. Camera (for unexpected photo ops.)

5 things about me

  1. I'm a workout-oholic. If I didn't have to work so late and give myself free time at home, I would live at the gym.
  2. I'm also a shop-oholic. I'm a sucker for good sales.
  3. I have such a love for baseball that I feel at peace at the ballpark. I also sit and watch an entire game start to finish on TV. Oh yea, and I plan to get married at home plate.
  4. I get annoyed VERY easily (mostly at work), and it leads to frustration and headaches and extreme discomfort (refer to the #2 item in my handbag.)
  5. I really love my job! Not necessarily the company or the ridiculous politics that come with it (though it makes for some good stories), but actually DOING my job.. love it.

5 things found in my room

  1. An excessive amount of shoes.. heels mostly. Since temporarily moving home, I literally have NOWHERE to put them. They're stacked in shoe boxes against my dresser.
  2. Boxes. I'm ALMOST done unpacking.
  3. Folded and stacked clothes next to the shoe boxes. (No room in closet or dresser. Ha.)
  4. A lot of unread books collecting dust.
  5. STACKS of old CDs to give away. I'm talking like 200.

5 things I want to do

  1. Go back to Europe and spend less time touring and more time experiencing life.
  2. Move to New York (want to, not gonna do)
  3. Read more books! I'm so into that right now!
  4. WRITE a book. I have more than enough content and maybe a little creativity and an acceptable vocabulary. I just lack the patience and discipline.
  5. Marry someone who loves baseball (preferrably the Rangers) as much as I do. Or marry a Ranger! Yessss!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As if..

I love movies of ALL genres, so it's always difficult to narrow down a list of favorites. Anyone who knows me knows my all-time favorites are Back to the Future (#1), Wayne's World, The Devil Wears Prada, Titanic (I could watch it over and over again), newer additions: Enchanted and Elf, and of course every baseball movie ever made.

However, I keep in a separate category of favorites: teeny bopper movies of old and new. There's something exciting about a completely stupid, but hilarious teen movie full of cute boys, bitchy girls, heinous, yet innovative fashion sense, and a happy ending that we know in real life won't last much longer than graduation. MY personal favorite teeny bopper movies are listed below. I know there are some CLASSICS missing (i.e. Brat Pack collections), but these are the ones that I can watch on an almost daily basis. I think I limited my selection to movies that take place only in high school, with limited amounts of "F" bombs and dirty-talk. Haha. Please don't judge me by my unique taste in teen comedies. In no particular order:

1. 10 Things I Hate About You- I don't think I've ever met anyone that doesn't like this movie. It's the clichè high school setting. Maybe because it's based on Shakespeare. Joey the jock who thinks he's so perfect and can get any girl in school and he gets beat up by the goody-goody in the end. And Heath Ledger.. *sigh* I remember we watched this movie a few weeks before he passed away. It's kind of weird to watch it now.

2. Can't Hardly Wait- Jennifer Love Hewitt's botched hair extensions and awkwardly large fake boob cleavage aside, I LOVE this movie! Mainly because of Kenny (aka Special K), the band that never gets to play throughout the whole party because they keep arguing. The Sci-Fi nerd that becomes cooler than the hunky jock for a night.. I think it's so intriguing because it's the last party of their high school years and people are both saying goodbye, and even meeting for the first time. I think the weirdest part about this movie is that this party is the night of graduation, yet the hostess's parents aren't even in town, and the main character is leaving town the very next day for some internship. Just a weird sequence of events, but still fun nonetheless.

3. Clueless- If a movie can define a generation, I think ours would be Clueless. Yea, I was in like 5th grade when the movie came out, but it was almost a look into what high school would be like. Of course it's not REALLY like that, but it was fun to think it might be. I think more language was adopted from this movie than any of them. "Whatever." I think, "As if" died after a while. I think this was one of the first movies where cell phones and pagers were dominate in a teenager's life. I think it still bothers me, however, that she gets together with her ex-stepbrother. That's just disturbing. I mean, your parents had sex with each other.. I think I would've been satisfied if they just maintained the strong brother-sister bond like they had right before Cher realized she was in love with him. Just a bit awkward.

4. She's the Man- Maybe it's because I LOVE Amanda Bynes, maybe it's the Hottie McBodies with their shirts off. This movie is hilarious. It's based on Shakespeare's The Twelfth Night which, again, is probably a reason why it works so well in a teen comedy. Amanda Bynes can actually pull off being a boy.. except for the voice. I love when she is falling in love with her roommate when she's dressed as a boy and she keeps staring at his body. The most realistic part is when genitalia is flashed in various ways during the soccer game at the end. (Unseen by the camera, fortunately.) Haha, great movie..

5. Girls Just Want to Have Fun- Another one of my favorite movies. I saw this when I was 5 at daycare. Probably shouldn't have been allowed to watch it at that age. I had the biggest crush on the main guy, Jeff (Lee Montgomery who hasn't been in anything since 1988. Sad.) I used to pause the movie and try to dance like Sarah Jessica Parker. I also like how the movie was named after the song, yet it was more about dancing and disobeying your parents than actually having FUN. Also, the one time the song is in the movie, it's a remade version because Cyndi Lauper didn't want to be associated with the movie. Haha, might as well have just come up with another name.

Shout Outs: Annie, Shakespeare, Victims of incestuous relationships