Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As if..

I love movies of ALL genres, so it's always difficult to narrow down a list of favorites. Anyone who knows me knows my all-time favorites are Back to the Future (#1), Wayne's World, The Devil Wears Prada, Titanic (I could watch it over and over again), newer additions: Enchanted and Elf, and of course every baseball movie ever made.

However, I keep in a separate category of favorites: teeny bopper movies of old and new. There's something exciting about a completely stupid, but hilarious teen movie full of cute boys, bitchy girls, heinous, yet innovative fashion sense, and a happy ending that we know in real life won't last much longer than graduation. MY personal favorite teeny bopper movies are listed below. I know there are some CLASSICS missing (i.e. Brat Pack collections), but these are the ones that I can watch on an almost daily basis. I think I limited my selection to movies that take place only in high school, with limited amounts of "F" bombs and dirty-talk. Haha. Please don't judge me by my unique taste in teen comedies. In no particular order:

1. 10 Things I Hate About You- I don't think I've ever met anyone that doesn't like this movie. It's the clichè high school setting. Maybe because it's based on Shakespeare. Joey the jock who thinks he's so perfect and can get any girl in school and he gets beat up by the goody-goody in the end. And Heath Ledger.. *sigh* I remember we watched this movie a few weeks before he passed away. It's kind of weird to watch it now.

2. Can't Hardly Wait- Jennifer Love Hewitt's botched hair extensions and awkwardly large fake boob cleavage aside, I LOVE this movie! Mainly because of Kenny (aka Special K), the band that never gets to play throughout the whole party because they keep arguing. The Sci-Fi nerd that becomes cooler than the hunky jock for a night.. I think it's so intriguing because it's the last party of their high school years and people are both saying goodbye, and even meeting for the first time. I think the weirdest part about this movie is that this party is the night of graduation, yet the hostess's parents aren't even in town, and the main character is leaving town the very next day for some internship. Just a weird sequence of events, but still fun nonetheless.

3. Clueless- If a movie can define a generation, I think ours would be Clueless. Yea, I was in like 5th grade when the movie came out, but it was almost a look into what high school would be like. Of course it's not REALLY like that, but it was fun to think it might be. I think more language was adopted from this movie than any of them. "Whatever." I think, "As if" died after a while. I think this was one of the first movies where cell phones and pagers were dominate in a teenager's life. I think it still bothers me, however, that she gets together with her ex-stepbrother. That's just disturbing. I mean, your parents had sex with each other.. I think I would've been satisfied if they just maintained the strong brother-sister bond like they had right before Cher realized she was in love with him. Just a bit awkward.

4. She's the Man- Maybe it's because I LOVE Amanda Bynes, maybe it's the Hottie McBodies with their shirts off. This movie is hilarious. It's based on Shakespeare's The Twelfth Night which, again, is probably a reason why it works so well in a teen comedy. Amanda Bynes can actually pull off being a boy.. except for the voice. I love when she is falling in love with her roommate when she's dressed as a boy and she keeps staring at his body. The most realistic part is when genitalia is flashed in various ways during the soccer game at the end. (Unseen by the camera, fortunately.) Haha, great movie..

5. Girls Just Want to Have Fun- Another one of my favorite movies. I saw this when I was 5 at daycare. Probably shouldn't have been allowed to watch it at that age. I had the biggest crush on the main guy, Jeff (Lee Montgomery who hasn't been in anything since 1988. Sad.) I used to pause the movie and try to dance like Sarah Jessica Parker. I also like how the movie was named after the song, yet it was more about dancing and disobeying your parents than actually having FUN. Also, the one time the song is in the movie, it's a remade version because Cyndi Lauper didn't want to be associated with the movie. Haha, might as well have just come up with another name.

Shout Outs: Annie, Shakespeare, Victims of incestuous relationships


Natalie said...

I also love Amanda Bynes! She is great. I really like She's the Man. Haha. That's all.

I was also able to guess all the movies you were going to pick.

Jenn said...

Uh..Scream is not one of your all-time favorites?? I'm shocked!

Martha Elaine Belden said...

i actually do love all the movies on your list (except she's the man... i just can't make myself watch it)

and i had no idea you had a blog either! yet... there's my name in your sidebar! welp... i'm gonna go add you to my sidebar now :)